Our online Summer Camps  for children aged 5 to 14 years old.

virtual tech camps

Calling all aspiring innovators! Immerse yourself in the programming logic with Scratch, Roblox, VEX and then build a real m-Bot S robot (which you will receive at home with our starter kit) to play all summer!


Work alone and in teams to adapt your Virtual robot to compete in dynamic challenges. Starting from a VEX Coding block-learning environment (drag-and-drop), you will continue progressing with different robotics coding languages.


You will program your bot to complete autonomous activities such as navigating a maze or stacking and moving objects.  May the best bot win!



virtual ITALIAN campS

Children learn Italian having fun and interactively. Our lessons go beyond the screen, it is in fact the teacher that allows you to insert an important element of interactivity that connects the content, practice and exercises. 


After the introduction, and a quick review of the vocabulary, the child is guided by our teacher through a series of games, activities and songs, which offer children the space and time it takes to repeat, memorize and train the learned words. 


In this way, without realizing it and at their own speed, the group of children collaborates and learns.  In fact, intuitively, they learn the linguistic structures and develop their oral and writing skills.