Virtual Italian Camp

L'ITALIANO... efficace, divertente e interattivo !

Course Description:

The Italian Camp takes place in a virtual class with a maximum of 5 children.


Our mother tongue teachers have many years of experience and have been trained to implement the SchoolNextDoor methodology, which finds its cardinal points, on experiential Italian and learning styles (Gartner theory).

Online Course Requirements:
-Mac or Windows PC
-Internet connection with access to Zoom Video Conferencing


THE VIRTUAL class promotes the communication between the children


The Italian Camp develops through a thematic path tailored according to age, its previous knowledge, and its learning style. 


The lesson begins, after a quick "warm-up", with the introduction of the topic and the vocabulary in Italian relating to the topic.  After the introduction, the main part follows, where the child is guided by our teacher through a series of games, activities and songs, which offer children the space and time it takes to repeat, memorize and train the learned words. 


In this way, without realizing it and at their own pace, the group of children collaborates and learns.  The learning of the Italian language is natural and children develop their oral and written skills by playing.





Each lesson ends with a series of exercises, in the form of games, to verify the learning process of each child and to deepen the linguistic contents. 


The teacher will then share the material seen during the lesson within the online system, the activities are chosen by the teacher and change according to the personal needs of each child. 


The child will then have the opportunity at home to continue practicing Italian while playing and to strengthen the concepts learned during the lesson.


Online Course Requirements:
-Mac or Windows PC
-Internet connection with access to Zoom Video Conferencing




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