Virtual Tech Camp

Scratch Game Design with Visual Coding

Course Description:

Calling all aspiring innovators! Immerse yourself in the programming logic with Scratch, the drag-and-drop creative learning environment developed by MIT Media Lab.


You will use code blocks and characters to obtain a basis of computational thinking, creating stories and animated games.


Brilliant graphics and attractive design improve the learning process, facilitating the development of STEM skills essential for our technology-driven world. Help your children to build essential STEM skills for our tech-driven world.

vex Robotc Virtual Worlds  with visual coding

Course Description:

Take your robotics skills to the next level with the VEX Robotics System, a program created by one of the most prestigious new universities in the USA, Carnegie Mellon University. 


Work alone and in teams to adapt your Virtual robot to compete in dynamic challenges. Starting from a VEX Coding block learning environment (drag-and-drop), you will continue progressing with VEX C ++ the coding language of robotics. 


You will program your bot to complete autonomous activities such as navigating a maze or stacking and moving objects. May the best bot win!


Robots Virtual World Software (RVWS) emulates exactly what the student does with the real robot but in a simulated environment. RVWS offers the opportunity to continue education outside the classroom, with the support of sensors and motors, just like on the real Robot.



Roblox Game Design and coding

Course Description:

Transform your creativity with Roblox Studio, an immersive game engine that you can access from any device. 


Roblox is one of the fastest growing game creation platforms on the planet, with over 100 million players per month. We will use Robox's integrated editor, Roblox Studio to develop 3D worlds. 


You will learn the technical skills necessary to use the many tools of Roblox Studio, as well as the fundamentals of video game design. Develop your Obby (in Roblox language, an obstacle course game) and complete the path, laying the best foundation for a future in STEM.



build a robot mbot makeblock

A educational robot for STEAM education suitable for children and teenagers, compact in size but never dull to use, the robot is made up of 38 elements that can be assembled in less than an hour!


The electronic parts are developed on the basis of the Arduino open-source system. This makes mBot a kit with extremely flexible features, which allows infinite combinations with which you can create the Robot of your dreams! 


The operation of mBot-S is supported by the intuitive and fun drag-and-drop graphic program mBlock, based on Scratch 2.0, which provides kids with an easy and fast way to learn to program, allowing you to control the robot and the equipment with numerous multiple functions. Simply drag the mBlock graphic blocks and join them together to form real programming codes. 


You can therefore combine fun and creativity thanks to this kit, which includes numerous pre-assembled components; for example, it will be possible to create a remote control vehicle capable of detecting obstacles or following a circuit. The game possibilities are therefore endless !


Online Course Requirements:
-Mac or Windows PC

-Internet connection con accesso a  Zoom Video Conferencing